Prioritizing your self-care during the childbearing year is critical for your health as well as the development of your child in the womb and throughout life.


Yoga will help you:


  • Find comfort, ease, and relaxation while you celebrate and cherish the growth of your family

  • Provide you the opportunity to connect to your resilience, strength, flexibility, steadiness, and ease.

  • Enjoy a wonderful way to stay active during your pregnancy

  • Give you the opportunity to bond with your baby while connecting with physical, mental, and emotional changes that continue during motherhood.


We are here to help you keep moving through the amazing changes in your body, both during pregnancy and after giving birth.


We offer pre- and postpartum yoga instruction that is personalized to meet your needs. We provide private lessons, or you can sign up to take small classes with a small group of friends. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary Maternal Needs Assessment!














I feel so grateful to have found Lin and her teaching! Over the past year I have been studying to become a massage therapist. I have also been on my own personal journey of physical and emotional healing. Lin has been an incredible resource and support to me throughout both of these processes. Combining her attentive teaching style with a great working knowledge of the body and her Iyengar yogic tradition, she has helped me not only to find much joy in the physical practice of yoga, but also a deeper sense of myself standing in the world. Lin has so much to offer as a teacher and I am very happy to have been introduced to this engaged practice through her. SW