During pregnancy, a woman’s body undergoes amazing changes that can be uncomfortable. There are many forms of self-care you can use to relieve those aches and pains, and one of them is massage. Massage is helpful throughout all stages of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, providing nurturing and soothing touch that encourages the release of emotional and physical tension.


Massage during pregnancy not only makes a woman feel pampered and more emotionally grounded, but offers undeniable physical benefits as well. The overall goals are:


  • Minimize stress

  • Promote relaxation

  • Relive backache and leg cramps

  • Reduce stress on weight bearing joints

  • Help regulate blood pressure

  • Encourage blood and lymph circulation

  • Alleviate swelling in the legs

  • Reduce stress on the nervous system, including sciatica

  • Lower the chance of premature birth or low birth weight

  • Prepare the woman for childbirth



Postpartum massage is often overlooked, though it is an important part of the complete birthing process. Massage brings emotional support and relief of tension from this process. After giving birth, a woman’s body still has to undergo quite a bit of structural realignment to restore muscle tone of the abdomen and reposition the pelvis. Here are some of the benefits:


  • Hastens recovery

  • Promotes normalizing of digestive functions

  • Encourages pelvic and abdominal organs to return to pre-pregnancy positions and the uterus to its normal size

  • Reduces muscle tension from the exertion of labor

  • Addresses “diastasis recti” and scar healing

  • Allows for better fluid circulation and release of any excess fluid

  • Alleviates neck, shoulder, and arm tension from breast feeding

  • May address postpartum depression

  • Babies are born with better motor control, better social interactions, and are much calmer and easier to calm down


There is no greater gift during pregnancy than the gift of massage. Consider one of our massage packages as a baby shower gift or symbol of support for the mother-to-be or new mom in your life. Click here to contact us today to schedule your complimentary Maternal Needs Assessment!













Lin's massages and bodywork made all the difference in managing the aches and pains that occur during pregnancy. I had severe edema during the last 6 months of pregnancy and her Lymphedema massage was my saving grace! My feet went from so swollen that I couldn't bend my toes to normal feeling feet.


She was also present during labor and helped immensely with the pains of delivery. She applied pressure to my low back and made the contractions bearable. No matter what stage of pregnancy I was in, she was there, adapting the massages to help me and my body as we changed.


Not only was she a huge help for my physical wellbeing but her support and advice from her experiences as a mom of 3 was priceless. I felt like I had someone on my team, truly supporting me every step of the way. She really went above and beyond to make my pregnancy a happy one! CF