The craniosacral and massage care that I received from Lin, in addition to the care that I was receiving from my doctor, really made me feel like my baby's and my health, and our whole well-being were (thriving/in great hands/very well cared for) during my year of pregnancy. CF

As a massage therapist, I was looking for ways to take care of my body, but yoga classes had never really resonated with me before. I'm so glad I tried out Lin's class, because this time, something stuck. Thanks to Lin, I now see yoga as something that enhances my life. For this I credit Lin's exquisite personal attention, the explanations of the theory behind the practice that she always has at the ready, and the practical ways in which she can modify positions to fit where my body is at on that particular day, year, or even hour! Thank you, Lin, for showing me that I, too, can call myself a yogi and enjoy the benefits of adding yoga to my life! EM


My experience with Lin was a revelation.  I have a lot of physical issues including scoliosis and was concerned that I would not be up to yoga.  I soon realized I was with not only a yoga instructor but also a yoga therapist.  She tailored and adapted yoga to my needs and I now use yoga to help with the aches and pains of age and back problems.  I recommend Nexus to anyone who wants to use the power of yoga to heal and expand their body awareness.


After six months of knee pain and weakness I went to Lin for craniosacral therapy. I went once a week for a month and the pain is gone. Better still whatever was causing the pain seems to be gone as well. Thank you Lin!


Joint Pain and Back Pain

Lin helped me get on the road to recovery with yoga and yoga therapy.  Yoga was not just about learning yoga poses.  Often I would come in with a problem and Lin knew just what asanas I could do at home... and the problem was solved! 


Yoga Daily Practice

I had played around with yoga for a long time, but working with Lin I really began to understand what yoga was about and just naturally began to develop a daily practice.


Powerful Healing

I have been going to Lin for craniosacral therapy for a variety of issues most of which have been resolved.  To me even more importantly I can now feel the energy in my own body and how powerful it is to find my own healer inside of me.  Awesome! J I