Craniosacral Biodynamics, or Craniosacral Therapy, is a form of holistic self-care that regulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid through therapeutic touch. It is often used in conjunction with coaching.


We will use Craniosacral Therapy to support you in the endeavor to:


  • Deeply relax

  • Reduce any pain you might be experiencing

  • Resolve shock and trauma

  • Experience greater awareness of your self and your child

  • Increase your focus and grounding

  • Reintegrate your body, mind, and spirit and bond with your baby

  • Promote emotional and psychological balance

  • Boost resilience

  • Prepare for childbirth


The mother who is resilient, relaxed, mindful, focused, balanced, and grounded is better able to intensify the connection with her child during the childbearing year and beyond and prevent premature birth and postpartum depression.


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The craniosacral sessions that I had with Lin during my pregnancy were such a joy. This was my first pregnancy and she helped me feel so calm, so grounded and even more connected to my baby. The energy that she witnessed and allowed to flow helped give me the strength, confidence and peace that I needed to ease into motherhood. CF