Do you have questions about motherhood?


Are you wondering how to prepare your nursery, set up a sleep schedule, treat a diaper rash, or cure a cold?


Have you experienced flashbacks about your own birth and upbringing?


Are you looking for ways to possibly prevent premature birth or postpartum depression?


Do you want to relieve your worries, stress, or fears?


First, we want you to know that it’s normal to have questions or feel apprehensive about this step in your journey.


The important thing to remember is that you are not alone. We are here to help.


We strive to help you find answers to the simplest and most complex questions. With your new skills, you will feel empowered and at ease caring for and deepening the bond between you and your infant. 


We’d also like to teach you fun activities to do with your little one. After all, play is an integral part of growing up!


If your journey to motherhood has you revisiting your own birth and upbringing, coaching can help resolve the issues by bringing them out in the open. Sometimes “talking it out” is the best way to relieve your concerns. You may be wondering:


  • Where do I start?

  • How do I start?

  • Will I be able to raise my child differently than I was?


These questions open possibilities to make the changes to patterns that don’t serve you anymore, so you feel strong, reassured, and supported in your resolve to raise your offspring in your own way.


We are here to shine a light on the possibilities!


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